Marriage Enrichment Support Groups

If you have attended a Marriage Enrichment weekend but you are not yet part of a support group. You are missing out.

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What Is A Support (Sharing) Group?
  • Marriage Support Group provides the formal structure for couples to meet on a
    regular basis with other couples who place the same importance on Marriage, God
    & Family.
  • Meeting with the group each month builds an intimacy and a sense of community.


  • Meet once a month; decide which day and time of the month is convenient for
  • Rotate hosts each month by last name.
  • Hosts’ responsibility is to call each couple to remind about the meeting, and give
    directions to the hosts’ home.
  • Hosts should be prepared to facilitate the topic for the evening. Guidelines
    provide format for evening.
  • Hosts will serve snacks or dinner if preferred.
  • Hosts should make sure that we stay on topic and time schedule.
  • At the end of rotation, we will plan a group social
  • No children present during meeting. We suggest that the children meet at another
    house (also rotating) so that they can get to know each other and bond just like the
    parents. The couple hosting the kids will serve them dinner or snacks. A baby
    sitter will be provided for a fee that those using the services will share.
  • Commitment to the monthly group meeting is strongly urged. Exceptions are
    always understood.
  • Confidentiality. . .personal sharing is private and remains within the group. If you
    are not comfortable sharing at any time, it is OK.


  • We will follow a format structure using talks from the Marriage Enrichment
  • This will provide continuity from one meeting to the next and guarantees that the
    subject matter stays on God, Marriage and Family.
  • The topic is already scripted, but we can always work around the subject matter.
  • Host will provide copies ofthe scripted format to each member of the group.
  • Everybody will be given a chance to read or share.

Format of the Meeting
7:00 to 9:30 p.m ......... ......... Discussion of Topic
9:30 to ?? ............................. Dessert/Social